Who is Behind?

Life is full of beautiful moments, let me capture yours.

It can be hard to find a photographer that you "click" with, and my job is to make your photography experience as stress free and fun as possible. I created Green Feather Photo to be different from many other cookie-cutter photography services. I wanted my Clients to be able to be in control of each photography session, I work with each Client individually to bring their vision to life in the images. Photography has always been my passion. I find that no matter where my life takes me, I always come back to taking photos, it is something that has simply become a part of me.

While all kinds of photography spark my interest, I have to admit that taking portraits has always been my favorite. There is something so special about working with people and capturing their emotions, it warms up my heart. Green Feather Photo concentrates on Wedding and Portrait photography, but is no limited to it. Contact me with the your ideas and we will make it happen!


My Latest Shots

Be sure to head on over to my portfolio to take a look at more of the shots that I\'ve taken.

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My Skills

I strive to further my skills every chance I get. Creativity is hard to put into numbers, but if I had to do so here they are...

  • Photoshop 90%

  • Studio Photography 85%

  • Final Cut 80%

  • Motion Video 70%

Why Choose Me?

I may not be able to accommodate all requests, but I promise that what was agreed upon prior to the shoot will be accomplished. I will do my best to accommodate any requests at time of shoot.
I double check all requests and equipment before I head to the shoot. I also give myself a big enough window prior to the shoot so that if something was forgotten I have time to make arrangements to obtain whatever it is that may be needed.
I understand that the shoot, which is always a fun time, is also an honor to be doing. I will act professional while maintaining a friendly demeanor. I want to make sure you feel comfortable so that a natural, candid photo can be taken.

My Services


I love capturing moments in a persons life that truly matter. I personally understand what a captured moment can mean to someone if done correctly.


I began my photo work on film, this has given me invaluable experience with lighting, making sure the photo is taken with accuracy the first time.


Although I may not touch up all photos taken, I will choose those that I believe have the best lighting and angles.

If you like what you see, let's work together.